August 2019

We at Rosanna Bossom Ltd would be content at any antique shop, jumble sale, village fete, car boot sale or even on an eBay page; Tat London is each and every one of those things. An online Aladdin’s Cave, created by Charlie Porter, also Decoration Stylist at House and Garden. It is a treasure trove of wonderful, unique and eclectic items ranging from bedspreads to candle sticks to bud vases. Tat popped up in 8 Holland Street which was the first opportunity for Tat’s finds to be viewed in the flesh, whilst she was there she said ‘Tat was born out of a love for the unloved object. I was searching for pieces that were within my budget but that weren’t common. I wanted people to feel that just because something was unique it wouldn’t mean it was unaffordable’.

The wonder of Tat London is its accessibility to all, come September they’ll be popping up again, this time beside Pentreath and Hall, where the bursting to brim collection will be for sale from £5 up to £1000. Charlie has always had a passion for interiors and wanted to create something which was her own which she could grow and develop – Tat was the perfect idea.


Charlie’s creative mind is additionally shown through her work at House & Garden, where she styles the latest fabrics, trims, glassware, lampshades – you name it! Porter creates fun & innovative way to display these which always catch ones eye whilst flicking through each months edition.

Check out the Tat London instagram page which nearly has a following of 35k, Charlie’s creative eye spies out the most beautiful of interiors, each with their own interesting caption.

Charlie Porter has created an interiors haven online.