July 2019

There are constantly new and exciting designs, patterns, fabrics and ideas flooding into the creative world; this constant influx inspire designers as they pick and choose materials and colours to create beautiful spaces.

Someone who has recently been drawn to our attention is Ottoline De Vries with her slightly abstract yet eye-catchingly colourful designs. Ottoline released her first wallpaper collection back in 2011, De Vries uses digital technology to reinvent her love of bold colours and graphic patterns and soon expanded to include fabrics, lampshade and cushions.

Over the past 8 years she has collated a collection of fabulous and unique designs.

One of Ottoline’s iconic designs is her Chintamani collection which was inspired by the Chintamani design which is often known as the leopard spots & tiger stripes; one of the most recognisable Ottoman decorative motifs. The repeated pattern is made up of paired wavy lines which are based on a tiger skin coat worn by the Iranian hero Rustam, meanwhile the cluster of three balls may have pointed towards apotropaic associations towards Turkic people, averting evil influences or bad luck back to the perpetrator.

Not only does De Vries produce Fabric, Wallpaper & Cushions, she designs the wrappings for Dutch chocolate company Stach. There is something rather delightful about opening a beautiful chocolate bar, not only because it is chocolate, but when the wrapping looks good enough to eat as well – it’s pretty great. Ottoline De Vries piles bars of chocolate in her house as decoration.

Similar to our approach at Rosanna Bossom, Ottoline DeVries is unafraid to use colour or worry about pattern clashes, as Ottoline wisely states ‘colour, print and pattern are what give it soul’.

Go and give Ottoline De Vries a follow on Instagram, @ottolinedevries we wait on tender hooks to see the next bright, bold and beautiful picture to come up on our feed.