March 2020

As the unprecedented days roll out, it is important that we all do our part to try and lift each other’s spirits, share the joy we see because we’re all in this together. As I write this, I have the joy of watching some beautiful daffodils open – and as David Hockney quite rightly said ‘Do remember they can’t cancel spring’.

On our last afternoon of being out and about, we went to the wonderful Worlds End Bookshop. As we walked in, Richard’s face lit up,  he told us we were the first customers of the day, as well the first sale of the week. Richard had been considering shutting up shop the following day, but chose to stay open. World’s End Bookshop remains open until Saturday 21st March – Go and get a new book!!! We’re going to have plenty of reading time on our hands…

As we walked out laden with books to accessorise a project we’re finalising, we had a moment of reflection about supporting our smaller local businesses – now more than ever. The World End Bookshop is a fantastic place to pick up pre-loved, nearly new, or even new books. Finding places like this is sustainable, another thing which is vital today – we try our best to source sustainably where we can. Books look beautiful on shelves, you can play with the colours, sizes, and arrangement on shelves.